Choosing The Right Plants For Your Garden

When you first saw just how much space you had in your back yard. you probably got all excited about all of the beautiful plants that you would be able to plant there. But before you go headlong into buying a multitude of plants there is a few things that you need to consider:

  • The kind of soil that you have
  • The kind of light that you have
  • The kind of space that you have

These three are the main questions that you need to be able to answer before you buy your plants. If not you will more than likely end up buying plants that are not compatible with your surroundings which will not be good. Always think things over and plan before you buy anything.

Before you buy your plants you are going to want to be thinking about where in the garden you are going to want to place those plants. Some plants are meant to live in the shade, which means that your are going to have to place them in sheltered areas. On the other end of the spectrum you are going to have plants that are sun lovers, and you are going to have to plant them in the warm spots in your garden. There are also drought resistant plants that are ideal to be planted in the the parched areas of your garden, where you may have trouble getting water too. And of course if you have any areas of your garden that do not drain well then there are plants that thrive in really wet areas.

Apart from knowing where in your garden to plant stuff it’s always a good idea know what to plant. Are you looking to plant fruits and vegetables or flowers and shrubs. or even a combination of them both? I wouldn’t advise going out and buying hundreds of plants straight away. Start small and gradual, because you can always add to your garden later.

Another point to consider is the pH level of your soil. You will want to test out the pH level of your soil so that you know which are the right types of nutrients you need add to your soil before you do any planting. You can alter the pH of your soil at a later date if you need to, but it is a lot easier for you to do this now rather than trying to do it after you have planted up your garden.

Another good rule of thumb that you should consider is that you should plant in groups. Having a lot of varieties of plants is nice, but the one-of-everything type of garden is not typically one that thrives. Buy a couple of each plant and plant them in groups so that they can sort of thrive together for the best possible results.

Top 5 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas

Whether you’re trying to beautify your home or you’re just tired of same dull look of your house every time you gaze at it when you return from all day work. Either one of the above is the case or you have something else in your mind, I can help you beautify your house with some simple yet brilliant ideas.

Flowers add color:

Whether it is the front of your house or it is the backyard, flowers always help. The choice of flowers depends on your taste, either they can have matching look with the colors of the walls or in contrast with them. Plant lots of flowers as they can have a soothing effect on anyone visiting your house. You can choose to plant flowers of different types and different colors or you can have a homogenous tone throughout, it all depends on your choice.

Beautify the driveway:

The driveway to your house can be decorated to give your house a better look. Plants can be planted around the edges along with flowers and fence it to make it look better. Bushes can also be planted to give it a pleasant look. Whether you use same types of plants or different types it all depends on your choice. I recommend to used different types to make it more versatile.

Use evergreen plants:

Use plants that can survive all weathers. Evergreen plants are a nice addition to your garden. Lilies are one of the evergreen plants that can survive almost any climate so you should consider them planting in your garden. Lilies come in different types and colors so it really depends on your taste and choice that what you choose. Also the fragrant smell of lilies will have a soothing effect on the environment of your house.

Keep the grass even:

Regularly cut the grass of your yard to make it look appealing. Also you can plant different types of grass depending on your need. Plant flowers and bushes around the edges of yard to increase the beauty. Also you can plant different color of grass and make patches of different colors.

Hide the places you don’t want to show:

There is an odd garage or tool shed which you’re not proud of and don’t want others to see due to its dull shape and color. Paint it and make it more appealing also you can use it to display your collection of plants. Use lightning to decorate it.