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Japanese Bamboo Fountain – Indoor Bamboo Water Features

Water fountains are a central part of Japanese culture. There are two types of Japanese fountains, Shishi-Odoshi Fountain and Tsukubai Fountain. Both fountains are rich in cultural history.

Tsukubai Fountains

Tsukubai, a Japanese term that means “To squat/crouch” in English. A Tsukubai fountain, is usually located outside of Buddhist temples or Japanese tea gardens. To enter the temple, visitors must “squat” or “crouch”, and then go through the cleansing ritual. Conceptually, this cleansing ritual is very similar to the Christian church’s ablutions ritual. The Tsukubai cleansing ritual includes hand washing and mouth rinses. This cleansing ritual takes place before entering Buddhist temples for tea ceremonies.

Tsukubai fountains are usually made from stone basins, also known as chozubachi. Their most distinctive element is the bamboo pipe, also known as kakei. The basin is finished by a small bamboo scoop that can be placed on top. This spoon can then be used to cleanse the body. Tsukubai fountains can also be found in Japanese-themed homes or outside Japanese tea gardens.

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Finding A Reliable Hydroponics Store

Hydroponics stores in Canada

Do you have an interest in hydroponics?

This unique method of gardening, which allows you to grow plants without soil, has been gaining a lot of positive attention in recent months. If you want to invest in a hydroponics setup, you’ll want to find a reliable hydroponics store that sells everything you need.

Shop At An Online Store

While there are some brick and mortar stores that sell hydroponics supplies, you’ll have a more substantial selection if you choose to buy the things you need from an online vendor. There are many online stores that are devoted to hydroponics.

You should be able to buy everything that you want if you shop at an online store. ex.†https://wholesalehydroponics.ca Start looking at some of the many online vendors that are out there and see if you can find vendors with a selection that appeals to you.

Look For A Store That Provides Detailed Information On Its Products

You’ll want to know exactly what you’re buying, especially if you don’t have experience with hydroponics. You should try to find a store that provides in-depth information about everything that they sell. You should also seek out a store that has numerous photos of their products. It doesn’t hurt to just have general pros and cons information about hydroponics as well.

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Choosing Wildflowers Perfect For Your Landscape

Wildflower Looking Stunning

Wildflowers growing on a country road or in an alpine meadow can easily inspire homeowners to attempt to create native plant areas in their own yards. Others may just want to have attractive flowering plants in their yards that perform well with only a minimum of care. No matter which category that you fall into, having a wildflower strewn area on your own property is an achievable goal. However, although gardening with wildflowers is easier than coddling exotic plants that got their start in hothouse conditions, there are a few basic tips that will ensure that your efforts meet with success.

Why Native Plants Are Your Best Choice

Success with wildflower gardening will depend on choosing the right plants for your area, and that means using varieties that grow easily in your local region. For instance, wildflowers that are native to the sunny lands of Central America won’t be good choices for Alaskan gardens. By the same token, indigenous plants of the north may fail to thrive and even die when exposed to large amounts of heat and dry air. Even plants that are indigenous to the same region will have different cultural requirements.

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Choosing The Right Plants For Your Garden

When you first saw just how much space you had in your back yard. you probably got all excited about all of the beautiful plants that you would be able to plant there. But before you go headlong into buying a multitude of plants there is a few things that you need to consider:

  • The kind of soil that you have
  • The kind of light that you have
  • The kind of space that you have

These three are the main questions that you need to be able to answer before you buy your plants. If not you will more than likely end up buying plants that are not compatible with your surroundings which will not be good. Always think things over and plan before you buy anything.

Before you buy your plants you are going to want to be thinking about where in the garden you are going to want to place those plants. Some plants are meant to live in the shade, which means that your are going to have to place them in sheltered areas. On the other end of the spectrum you are going to have plants that are sun lovers, and you are going to have to plant them in the warm spots in your garden. There are also drought resistant plants that are ideal to be planted in the the parched areas of your garden, where you may have trouble getting water too. And of course if you have any areas of your garden that do not drain well then there are plants that thrive in really wet areas.

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