Atlantic Fired red Fish

Top Three Fishing Lures for Redfish

Redfish is a really interesting group of maritime species that is often in the crosshair of fishermen. The same is true for both veterans and novices alike – there is something hugely rewarding and challenging when it comes to going after redfish. This species is well known for its huge schools that can sometimes be found in different regions of USA, Australia and the Caribbean. At the same time, they have a reputation among fishermen that they are easy prey. For some, throwing any kind of lure at one of their schools is more than enough to catch some incredible specimens. However, the reality is that many go on redfish trips and come back empty-handed. 

This is even more clear for those fishermen who have very little experience with redfish and still think of it as an easy catch. For those who are wiser, the truth is self-evident – redfish, like any animal in the wild, is something that is geared to survive. All of these creatures come with many instincts and senses that allow them to avoid danger and threats. Because of this, the more experienced fishermen will first ask themselves what lures are good for redfish and then embark on a fishing trip. For them and anyone who shares their outlook, here is an overview of the top three lures that have proven themselves to be a great choice for catching redfish.

Shrimp from Soft Plastic

Shrimp is not an animal that is often associated with lures. Most of these come in the form of other small fish or they might be completely mechanical in their appearance like spinner lures for example. However, a shrimp lure made out of soft plastic looks exactly like its real-life model. For redfish, it is one of the best alternatives because this lure works on their habit of eating these small creatures. Most come in sizes of 3 to 4 inches and weigh up to half an ounce. There are many colour schemes that can be used and so far, most catches come with white, brown and grass-green ones. This is especially true down the Atlantic coast of the US and its southern tip, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

Redfish Spoon Lure

Spoon is a general all-time favourite lure for basically any fish and this species is no different. Its glittering and moving spoon part is a great magnet for fish attention and redfish mostly does the same. In all environments, the half-ounce variation provides the best results. These are further enhanced with long casts that have a longer reel time, never going faster than an easy medium retrieve. With its signature flash of light, redfish simply cannot resist it.

Twitch bait Lure

Twitch baits and bass fly fishing lures make sure that the redfish see them once they hit the water. A 3-inch and 4-inch versions will do wonders in shallow waters with sandy bottoms. Here, most frequently used colors are root beer and gold, both of which can be seen clearly over the white and yellowish colors of the sand. Redfish will mostly attack this type of lure on greater depths, so those alternatives that sink almost to the bottom will provide the best results.

With one of these lures, any fisherman can really make sure that their redfish fishing trip ends up being a stellar success.